Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're in the business of making Men!

The city asked to take down a tree in our front yard (because of interference with power lines), so after I struck a deal with them--that we could keep the tree to use for firewood (they usually don't do this)--we gladly accepted the offer!

We rely on wood in the winter because we heat our house with a wood-burning stove, so this was such a blessing!

So after Ryan got home from work, he suited up for tree-cutting! And before I could even find T-Man to tell him Daddy needed help, I saw T-Man already in the front yard, suited up and carrying logs to his wagon.

Ryan cut...

And T-Man hauled...

We've been teaching T-Manabout hard work, perseverance and the responsibility of being a man, husband and dad.

So when he was getting tired of hauling the logs, he came to the front door and said...

T: "Momma, I'm getting a little tired."
G: "Yeah, you sure are working hard. Do you want to take a rest?"
T: "No, my Daddy needs me. But will you get me a drink?"
G: "Sure and you know what else girls do for men when their working hard?...They cook them a big dinner, so that's what I'm doing for you and Daddy!"
T: "OOOoooohhh...Spaghetti?!?!"
G: "Sure! Spaghetti it is!"

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