Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Parade is Coming!

The Wheeler's often get teased that we should get a parade license for our family when we go out in public. Ha ha very funny.

Well, this time we really were in a parade! Chanute Christian Academy was in the Artist Alley parade and the Wheelers got to join in on the fun!

This is just after we got done decorating the boys' rides:

Trusten was very proud of the sign he made:

Look at all those handsome men in Warrior Blue!

Like the bumper sticker?!

The Schoonover Girls

One of the banner getting prepared...

A couple of the Goff boys with the school banner...
"Who is that guy on the right? Surely that's not the principal!"
"He looks like a student." "He's too young to be a principal"
and the comments go on and on! LOL!

The boys practicing waving their flags...

Getting lined up:

Samuel was a big hit!

The boys' friend, Anthony:

Getting started...

And now it's over but we get to watch!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I'm the Ring Barrier!"

This past weekend, Trusten was a "ring barrier" for the first time!

Justin and Morgan John (former students of ours) asked Trusten because he's always been their little buddy!

Ryan and I had the privledge of praying with Justin and Morgan during the ceremony after they lit their unity candle. It was a special day and it was a huge privledge to be a part of it all!

My AMAZING sister, Marjie and her hubby kept Samuel and Brahm for us, so that we could be a little more free for all the wedding festivities! I don't know what we would have done without the help! What a blessing!

All of Chanute was getting ready for the big day!

Night of rehearsal and dinner

Trusten sporting his new bag from Justin and Morgan


A man among men

Watching closely...

Dinner time!

B-I-G dinner!

With dessert on his face... :)

Big day tomorrow!

Getting all suited up



Just a few hours away from the ceremony...

Trusten and Morgan

Pep talk before the ceremony!

Rock band pictures

Liberty and Mommy

The wedding party

So sweet!

Daddy and Liberty Joy

The ceremony!

Trusten did SO great!

The ring exchange

Getting ready to see the John's off...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Mexican Fiesta!

Every year Chanute holds a Mexican Fiesta which our family loves to go to!

Here's some pics from this year:

After eating some awesome tamales and tostadas, the boys got a treat...

Then we got the boys inflatable bats to keep them occupied while we waited for the show to start (best three dollars we've ever spent!)

The fake baseball game last about 2 minutes before it turned into this...

Liberty Joy and I (notice who's in the background! LOL!)


These Aztec Dancers were Brahm's favorite:
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