Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ezra is here!

Our sweet baby boy is here!

Here are some snapshots of the eventful day!

Laboring in our bedroom in the birth pool with my sweet boys at my side...

First moments of life...

My sweet reward!

Proud daddy...

Daddy checking Ezra's spine...

Precious chubby cheeks...

Liberty and I remain the only girls!

Our midwife weighing him...


Wide awake!

Proud big brothers...

4 arrows...and counting!

Trusten and Ezra look VERY MUCH alike!!!

We feel so blessed and thankful for our new little addition!

**Full Birth Story coming soon!!!**

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Ezra,

Sweet baby Ezra!  We are so ready to meet you!  

We are excited to see what you look like, to hold you, to smell you, to hear your voice!

Your brothers are so excited to be a part of your birth and to finally see with their own eyes the little kicker that has been being formed in my belly all this time!

Your little sister just loves babies and I'm sure will be just as enthralled with you she is with every baby she sees at church, the store and in pictures.  I have a feeling she's going to spoil you!

Your daddy has been praying for you fervently.  He picked out your name before we even knew we were pregnant!
"...For the good hand of the his God was on him.  For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statues and rules in Israel." 
Ezra 7:9,10

As soon as daddy read that verse, about 9 months ago, he knew our next baby boy would be this kind of man...a modern-day "Ezra"!

Your mommy is just thrilled to finally hear the words, "here he is!" and have you placed upon my chest.  My Ezra.  My little reward.  My newest arrow.  My joy set before me.

Our hearts are ready to welcome another Wheeler Man into the world! 

And the house is ready for your arrival!

Our bedroom is rearranged

Birth pool is set up

Your first clothes are set out

 Your new little bed is ready

The birth supplies are purchased and double-checked

And the quilt mommy made you is finally complete!

And now we just wait!  We wait anxiously, but peacefully...knowing that we are waiting on the Lord...the Lord of lords who has perfect timing, unsearchable understanding and awesome wisdom.

His ways are perfect...He is bringing you to completion and will soon bring you to us!

Praise His Holy Name, Sweet Ezra!!!

Your Momma

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