Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Family Camping Trip!!!

We are very blessed to live within 40 minutes of two really nice State Parks.  So we decided to take our first camping trip this weekend.

It was a GREAT trip!


While I was setting up our temporary "home"...SJ was curious to see what I was doing :)

First thing, T-Man found a toad he named "Beans"

After setting up camp, we went
...through the "Ancient Trees" of Cross Timbers...

There were some parts of the trail that were flooded...

Taking "a little rest"

SJ had it easy!

The boys liked reading the signs

We came to a point where our path was flooded, so we had to make our own path...

It was kinda scary, I'll admit!


The boys were EXHAUSTED, but we made it!

We got back to camp and started getting ready for dinner

Enjoying the peace and quiet!

T-Man loves his new toad!

Precious Boo

SJ went to bed before the sun even went down! He was tired!

Ryan making sticks for marshmallows...yummy smores!

The boys loved playing in the dark!

We stayed up playing hide and seek in the dark
And once it was bed-time, they went to sleep in about 5 seconds once we got into the tent!


waking up...

Boo waking up...

And sweet little SJ did SO good!

This playground was right by our tent site, so the boys spent lots of time here too!

We had a blast! These were some of our BEST family memories yet!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Life at the Wheeler's Farm

There's lots of new life to talk about at Nina & Papa Wheeler's farm!

One of the most exciting new arrivals is the new horse "Maggie"!

In these pics, she's less than 24 hours old! Her mom (Missy) is a miniature horse and we were shocked at how big Maggie was (for how little Missy is!)

T-Man loves the horses!

And the hay stacks :)
Boo isn't quite the animal-lover that T-Man is, so he was not too excited about the new horse!
SJ just loves to explore...

The other new life at the farm are the kitty cats that were born recently!

And last, but not least (but tiniest), Nina recently bought a little dog named "Riley".

The big dog pictured here is Samson--that's Papa's dog!

I think Samson wants to eat Riley!

T-Man (again, Mr. Animal-lover) loves to care of Riley...

SJ just likes to boss Samson around!

And Boo was just excited to get to mow with daddy!

But when the mower got old, he enjoyed the slide too!

And our "newest arrival" will soon be 17 months and in just another 2 months he'll be a big brother!

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