Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Life at the Wheeler's Farm

There's lots of new life to talk about at Nina & Papa Wheeler's farm!

One of the most exciting new arrivals is the new horse "Maggie"!

In these pics, she's less than 24 hours old! Her mom (Missy) is a miniature horse and we were shocked at how big Maggie was (for how little Missy is!)

T-Man loves the horses!

And the hay stacks :)
Boo isn't quite the animal-lover that T-Man is, so he was not too excited about the new horse!
SJ just loves to explore...

The other new life at the farm are the kitty cats that were born recently!

And last, but not least (but tiniest), Nina recently bought a little dog named "Riley".

The big dog pictured here is Samson--that's Papa's dog!

I think Samson wants to eat Riley!

T-Man (again, Mr. Animal-lover) loves to care of Riley...

SJ just likes to boss Samson around!

And Boo was just excited to get to mow with daddy!

But when the mower got old, he enjoyed the slide too!

And our "newest arrival" will soon be 17 months and in just another 2 months he'll be a big brother!


The Blackley Tribe said...

Grace, your kiddos are getting so big! I didn't know Ryan's parents bought a farm...thats exciting, and it looks like the kids love it!

Grace said...

So cute Grace! How fun to have a farm to explore. Your little guys are so adorable!

The Peppers said...
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