Tuesday, May 31, 2011

His Faithfulness, Our Joy

A while back, I shared how we have been longing to move out into the country.  I wrote that post almost exactly a year ago!

Well, we have some exciting news!  The Lord has opened the door to make our vision and his will come to fruition!

We have a contract on a house in the country and if all goes well, it will be ours in July! 

This home needs a lot of work, but we got a fantastic deal on it!  Plus, it's on 4 acres with fruit trees, 2 barns and a chicken coop!  And the house has 4 bedrooms and a basement!

It's been truly amazing to see how the Lord has brought all this about!  It confirmed to us that it's His will for our family and He's worked it all together!

So I've been doing my research and now I'm ready to jump in to the country life!

I'm so excited to update more as I learn more of what the Lord has in store for us in the country!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Blessed Birth Story

"...For the good hand of the his God was on him. For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statues and rules in Israel." Ezra 7:9,10

This was my longest labor yet--12 hours total! I was progressing fine and with not much pain, but when I got to a 7, my labor just stalled out. We discovered that Ezra was posterior, so I began to work really hard to get him to turn! I wore myself out doing exercises (lunges, taking the stairs in threes, etc) for almost 2 hours to get him to turn and it finally worked! I continued to labor in a lot less pain...

My midwife broke my water shortly after Ezra turned and I labored in "hard labor" for just over an hour.

Yet again, labor stalled out one last time... but soon, with a little help, we saw his head!

However, once his head and shoulders were out, he appeared stuck. It baffled all of us. My midwife told Ryan to go ahead and take Ezra by the shoulders and "deliver" him. So Ryan pulled him out and that's when we realized the reason that he kept going posterior and getting stuck half-way out...

The umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around his ankles, he was essentially "bungee jumping" inside of me! His ankles were even blue from the cord being wrapped so tightly! (Thankfully all is okay with his feet, knees and hips!)

So little did we know, he was trying his hardest to get in the right position and come to us, but the cord was holding him tight inside me!

My midwives (Deidre and Kathy) were absolutely amazing and I was so thankful for their godly wisdom!

It was a very unusual birth for me, but the Lord taught me a lot and we are just so glad to have our little man here with us!

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