Friday, May 28, 2010

The Itch

I've got it...The itch.

It usually starts this time of year and tapers off in late Fall. 

But this past year, late fall nor winter cured "the itch".  So right now, it's feeling pretty relentless.

Ryan was born with the itch.  I got contagious about 4 years ago.  And now the boys have it...probably worse than all of us!!

It's the "I wanna move to the country" itch.

Land!  Room for the boys to run and explore!
No worries about our busy, high traffic street!
A big garden!  A cow!  Maybe some guinea fowl!
Goats, pigs, sheep...homesteading!!!

Ah, yes.  Wide, open spaces.

As our boys get older, bigger, more curious (and more daring), it's seeming more and more like a necessity that we live on some land.  God has created boys with some amazing qualities.  But it seems as though "city living" squelches most of them.

Right now, we live on one of the busiest streets in our "city".  The boys love to be outside, but right now when my boys get "the itch" to be out (read: they are getting crazy-hyper), I tend to sit them down in front of a movie until I can go out with them...because I need to be able to watch them around our busy street.

I can tell them to stay in the back yard, but that's almost like trying to rein in a wild horse!  They want to ROAM!!!

But then I think, if we lived in the country on some acreage of how they could run wild...playing, building, exploring, working...  That would be good medicine for my boys!

My in-laws have always lived on about 5 acres.  And when my boys go to visit, they play hard and hardly get into any trouble.  They love being outside in nature!  It's so fun to watch!

As for Ryan and I, we would love to become more self-sufficient and learn to live off the land.  We'd love to be in the quiet country life... where there may be more work, but there is also more freedom.

Nature, discovery, stars, silence...peace.  Our hearts are longing for it!!!

So now, more than ever, we're asking for the Lord's favor, and that if land is His will for us, that He would open a door!

Psalm 119:58
"I entreat your favor with all my heart!"

Speaking of country friend Grace (love her name!) is having a giveaway on her item is "Little House in the Big Woods"...I wanna win it!!!


Sara S. said...

I totally can relate. I have dreamed of country living for as long as I can remember. Although we do have some pigs, roosters, and hens running around here...I just don't think it is the same. I pray God grants your dreams and wishes with a resounding "YES!" my dear friend! Love you!

croleyc69 said...

I can relate to all that. I'm from Ohio and after loss of jobs we decided to move to Nevada. My hubby has family here. I miss the country I grew up in a very small town and where there were lots of Amish. So to see a horse and buggy wasn't anything out of the blue. I miss that simple life and especially with children.
Hope things work out for you.


The Blackley Tribe said...

I hear ya loud and clear sista'! I am just thankful that we also have parents that live on a farm near by. Micah already LOVES to get dirty at "mamma and apple's (he calls my dad apple)"!

cooperkelly4 said...

Hi Grace! I nominated you for a bloggy award. =0)

Nic said...

Start looking and continue to dream! Mike and I always wanted to find our "special place", our "forever home" and we did! I LOVE LOVE LOVE our home and sigh a sign of relief everytime I pull into the 300 ft. gravel drive. It isn't perfect, it is a long haul from "town" (and nobody delivers when the nights come that I just don't want to cook dinner! LOL) and there is a lot of work mantaining acreage, but WELL worth it. The kids are outside more hours than they are inside, and being to be able to just let them run wild is a blessing. Wishing you guys the best of luck in finding your dream spot. Praying that it is soon for you!

Victoria Osborn said...

Hey Grace, even though I'm a truely a "city-girl" at heart, I also often dream about living off the land. We purposely bought our house in the suburbs so we could be clost to both our families, but I often think of how nice it could be to have a lot of open land and be away from the city demands. Thanks for sharing.


Julie said...

We absolutely love living in the country. It is the very best choice we made. I wasn't sure at first. I like the comfort of being close to everything. But, oh how life has changed..for the better since moving to our "little house in the big woods"!!

Bri said...

This is something James and I have been dreaming and praying about for a while now. It was also our motivation to start a garden this year, and I can't tell you how encouraging it has been!

We are also planning on purchasing some chickens next year (found out we can have 6 in our little backyard) from my midwife. We would love to be able to have a huge garden with lots of room for fruit trees and bushes as well as room for a cow and maybe a goat.

Hope God answers your prayers or gives you lots of patience and contentment :)

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