Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Training and Remodeling and Teething...OH MY!

It's May.  And since my husband is a principal at a Christian school, that means we're BUSY with graduations, open houses, spring programs, awards banquets, school board meetings...the list goes on!

So why of all months did we pick May to start two pretty major remodeling jobs in our home?  And why am I attempting to start the potty training journey with our 2.5 year old?  And why did Liberty choose now to cut two new teeth?

Well, it's probably because Chaos is our best friend :)

But also because these are all things that we've been putting off, but they just need to get done.  You see, around here,
there is no such thing as a "perfect opportunity" when it comes to things like this on our "to do" list. So, we just have to do what we can when we have the energy...

With this awesome Spring weather, I guess our energy just got the best of us!  :)

So currently, I'm trying to
potty train Samuel.  Although I've done this twice already with my two older boys, you wouldn't know it if you could see right now!  I'm having trouble remembering all the "tricks of the trade" so ANY advice would be greatly welcomed!

The best technique I have right now is that EVERYONE gets an M&M if Samuel uses the potty.  This really gets my older boys involved in
encouraging him to potty train!

We're also refinishing our front porch.  It has badly needed it ever since we moved in almost 4 years ago, but we are just now getting around to it.  Thankfully, a few of our students used their "community work day" to come over and help my husband sand, strip, patch and caulk.

I know what you might be thinking..."you let high school kids work on your porch with power tools?"  Yes we did!  You have to understand that around here,
these boys ain't no city boys!  They are farm boys, hard workers, beginning craftsmen, well-rounded in all things "construction".  They did awesome and were such a blessing!

Some of the girl students came over too and we got working on
painting my cabinets in my kitchen pantry.  Sanding and painting, was the name of the game...they saved me soo much time!

Yet even with their help, we're still in the midst of both projects.  The porch is waiting for it's final coat and the cabinets are waiting to be hung. Working on things just a few spare minutes here and there is challenging, but we keep reminding ourselves it WILL get done...eventually :)  Family always comes first, and THAT pays off!

Then there is Little Miss Liberty.  The past fews days she's had a fierce fever, messy diapers, sleepless nights and the culprit is...her two top teeth!  They decided to make an appearance in the midst of all our insanity.  So for her and I that has meant little sleep, more baths and the best part of teething that I LOVE?  Lots of

If you have any advice on potty training or soothing techniques for teething, do share!!!

And one more thing...
For my last "MckLinky Monday" (coming up) I was inspired to have us all write about why we love our hubbys!  Recently my friend Jenny (who I lived and served with in Mexico in 2005 for a few months) wrote a blog post that I LOVED...

Her first line in her post still makes me smile; 

i love him when. ...after bathing the eldest, toweling her, and putting on warm jammies, i hear him say 'now let's put one of these thinga-ma-jiggies in your hair.'

Doesn't that just make you smile?!

You can read the rest of her post HERE!  

So now YOU get ready to blog about why YOU love YOUR HUBBY and link it up here this Monday!!!


Karen said...

I found the mesh thingys work great with an ice cube in them. I would let my LO walk around with it. It doesn't drip as bad as you would think. Also, the teething tablets really help with crankiness. I wish I had used them years ago on my other two. I also use Motrin; lasts longer than tylenol. The mini bagels are great frozen. It's hard to get big chunks off until they have a lot more teeth. I am in the throws of the 2-year molars right now, but it doesn't seem to be so bad. I need potty training tips also. I am getting ready to start soon, and the last time I did it was 14 years ago..... sigh Have a great weekend! Blessings

Nicci said...

I have to laugh, because we are in the middle of replacing our porch floor as well! LOL! I will have to post about when I get a chance to snap some photos.

On the potty training - my best advise - wait until they are ready and they do it themselves! My oldest was a bear to potty train and I did everything the "experts" and other mom's told me. He ended up getting it at about 2.5 - 3. I have a feeling it would have gone a LOT smoother had I just waited until he was that age and let him do it himself. The second two I did this with: I put them in underwear and told them they needed to pee/poop in the potty. If they had more than a couple accidents that first day or two then I switched back to diapers. Finally when they were ready they just didn't have accidents and they were potty trained. Never had much accidents after they were "ready". It worked beautifully each time and I didn't have to do ANYTHING! With my daughter (#2) she "got it" at 24 months, my son (#3) "got it" at about 36 months. Although they were very different ages, they both never regressed into accidents once they were moved into underwear. The only thing I have had an issue with is with night time and my #3, but it is a medical thing (nasal/adenoid sleep apnea) and we are going to give him a little bit before addressing it. Right now he just wears diapers to bed (he is 3.5) Hope this helps!

JillAileenJones said...

Hey sweet girl our Analeigh will turn 27 months this next week and back a few months ago she wanted a potty and pants-now we don't care about it at all-she is #4 and you think I would have this down now-I already did it with one girl and two boys but so far no M&M or anything else is doing anything to want her to do it right now-oh well-one thing I have learned it that they all did it and when they were ready mine all were potty trained at night too so I am not too stressed about it yet. lol
The teething thing-mine liked the little bagels frozen-I would spilt them in half-put them in a baggie and but them in the freezer. Then when they needed it take it out of the baggie and let them chew on it. Sometimes they would get little pieces off but not much by the time it was soft enough to bit something off they were finished with them. They liked that and could hold them well.
I also love and use the natural teething tablets-you can buy them at Wal-mart (Hylands makes them) they really work.
Hope maybe that helps-beautiful porch. So pretty-I wish I had a big front porch to sit out on.
Hope you have a great day.

DORCAS said...

Oh goodness I can't remember teething techniques? Orajel maybe? As for the potty training I had the girls done by 2yrs old. But the Zeke was a different matter. He didn't catch on and I didn't bother trying. He didn't train till he was 3 1/2. But with Daniel he's already aware when he goes and he just turned 2. So after the remodeling downstairs is done then I will start training.
When I trained the kids we made it a family thing. We all would encourage them.For example: Essie would say, " you can do it Lydia," and we would just make them feel very special. We would all do the M&M thing. 1 M&M for #1 and 2 M&M's for #2.
Well, I don't know if I was much help, but I will be joining you on this journey in a few months.



Gwen Toliver said...

Ah, potty training. It continues to be one of my least favorite mommy jobs. My 2yo boy is mostly potty trained - does a great job staying dry, but #2 is still iffy. As I wash out his dirty underwear in the toilet, I always remind myself of the verse in Psa. 100 - "Serve the Lord with gladness" - because that's when it's hardest for me to be glad!!

We've done M&Ms/Skittles too - also just focusing on potty training and nothing else for the first few days. However, there's never an ideal time to potty train, so the best thing I think is diligence and being loving with the potty trainee.

Our 3rd child was the MOST difficult to potty train - it turned into a huge discipline issue - because he would purposely dirty his undies.... I kept reassuring myself, "I have to marry him off at some point..." :)

jenny said...

yayy! love it, grace!
i'll tell you 'the' thing that worked for me to get Natalie trained by right before 2 1/2 yrs. when i got serious, i kept her in underwear all day (except for naps). i thought she'd never stop peeing everywhere. finally, i made a big deal about her YELLING at the TOP OF HER LUNGS: MAMMMAAAAAA I NEEEED TO GO POTTTTYYYYYYYYY!!!!

she loved yelling that loud in the house (& i didn't get on to her in public, either. i guess i did it to myself!), and got a kick out of it. and that's what worked for me! : ) good luck with baby samuel!

Grace Wheeler said...

GREAT IDEAS SO FAR!!! I'm SO trying the mini-bagel thing! And I found a mesh bag to put frozen fruit in for babies! Real excited about that one!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and advice!!!

Feel free to add anything else!!

Julie said...

I have no advice for you in the potty training area. Both my older boys took 3 1/2 years..ugh..and then my daughter was potty trained in one day!

Sounds like you are busy beavers over there!! What a blessing to have your students help!!

DORCAS said...

Hey I awarded you the Versatile award!



Jenilee said...

lol we did gum for everyone when Annalise was potty training and she still things everyone should get gum if she goes #2! :) very fun. :)

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