Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting To Some Bloggin' Business

First order of business:
Several of my friends are hosting giveaways on their blogs:

Amy's is for a $25 gift certificate at "Next Day Flyers", a printing company, (click HERE for more details)

Lynnette's is for a "Champion Juicer" (click HERE for more details)

Jill's is for 4 different homemade pieces...each one is SO cute and made with love (click HERE for more details)

Shonda's is for a childrens book by Tara on her "teaching" blog (click HERE for more details)

Second order of business:
My blog friend Jenilee (who is a beautiful blogger herself) awarded me with this beautiful little thing...

So in lieu of that, here are 5 random things you may not know about me...

1. My husband and I are HUGE (no pun intended) fans of "The Biggest Loser"!  So even though we don't have TV channels, we watch it weekly via Hulu online!

2. I have trouble playing pretend...even as a little girl I could never get the hang of it.  It's just not my thing.  I try...but my boys usually end up saying "mooom, you're not doing it right!" But at least I try, right?!

3. My eyes water like crazy.  If I'm laughing, if the car's air conditioning is blowing in my face, if I'm squinting the in sun...they just water, water, water.  I'm often mistaken for crying when really, my eyes are just misting :)

4.Growing up I wanted to be a professional gift know, like the ladies you see in department stores during the holidays wrapping presents?  Yep, I wanted to do that.  I thought I had a special "gift" for taping, cutting and wrapping!

5. At first, I was a little scared to have a baby girl--I grew up a tom-boy and am still one at heart.  So how how was I going to raise a GIRL?  But I'm finding out more and more each day, that the pink, "prissy" girl I thought I lacked really is inside this momma after all!  Who woulda thunk it?  (check out her birth story HERE)

Third order of business:
I'm guest posting on I Dream Of Clean next week, so stay tuned for a link to that post!  I'll be talking about HOW TO set up a chore schedule for littles (where to start, what to include, how to decide on jobs, etc!)

Fourth order of business:
I recently designed a header and button for my good friend, Crystal's blog business!  It's not real professional, but I'm getting there!  It was my first design (besides my own site here) so that was exciting for me and fun for her too!  So be sure to check out my work and her hair bows at!


Keith and Crystal said...

Thank you for my button and header, Grace. I really like them! I hope you get a booming business going with them. :)

Enjoy your blog!

Shonda said...

Congrats on your blog award and looking forward to your guest post on I Dream of Clean. PS. I also have a giveaway too: Have a great day, Shonda :)

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

I'm so excited you're going to be posting on idreamofclean! Can't wait to read it! And congrats on your designing venture! I'm just beginning to understand photoshop and I must say it is TERRIBLY addicting! lol

marymo5 said...

Congrats on the award, have you got back on your wii yet :) I have been slack.

laurapeery said...

I'm not good at "playing pretend" either and never have been... when I was little I only took out my dolls just to set them up as they looked on the box, then I put them away and moved on! we'll see if we have an OCD little girl in a few months, sadly I might know how to handle that more than a really "pretending" one :)

Shonda said...

Thanks for entering a posting on your blog! Have a great day! Shonda

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