Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love Him...MckLinky Monday

My husband. Oh, my amazing husband!  It's so hard to feel like a post about "why I love him" will even get close to communicating my true thankfulness for him...But I'll at least make an attempt even though I know he deserves so much more than these mere words...

I love him because he is...

A Gentle Leader. That's how I've described him ever since the beginning of our engagement. He is my gentle leader...sure of where he is leading us, confident of following the Lords voice, but always so considerate of my emotions and weaknesses. So whether it's a big move, a decision to get rid of cable or a conviction to trust the Lord with my womb, he is my considerate, sweet, gentle, bold leader. Always taking into consideration my heart and circumstances!

A Compassionate Hubby. After a long day of work, most men rush home to sit on the couch, relax and let the world fade away. I never minded when Ryan used to do this, but as we started growing our family, he quickly noticed that I too had probably had a long day and could use a break! So, he started making a habit of praying on his car-ride home that he could be for me what I needed him to be. And now when he walks in the door, he always asks, "How was your day? Do you need a little break?" just about EVERY day! (And wow.  That makes me want to be a better wife every time!)

A Patient Hubby.  I think the Lord knew my husband would need to have patience as one of his top character traits!  From my neat-freak personality to my tendency to "frazzle" husband is SO VERY patient with me.  He never gets irritated when I stress over little, unimportant things, he just kindly reminds me of what really IS important.  He graciously loves me through my obsessive quirks!

An Intentional "Pastor". Ryan is truly the "pastor" of this home. He leads us in evening devotions, he gets our hearts ready for church on Sundays, and he prays over each of us at least once a day. He carefully monitors and discerns the sins we struggle with and is intentional to show us Truth. But more than this, he models it. He models for all us what it is to examine yourself, seek to become a servant and walk towards repentance when necessary. He cares about the spiritual state of our home and is actively leading us in striving for righteousness.

A Playful Daddy. The favorite part of my boys day is when daddy gets home. Within minutes everyone ends up in a "dog pile" on the floor! I'm always reminding Ryan, "please change out of your dress clothes before you start wrestling!" (Between recess and wrestling with the boys, he's always ruining his dress pants!) Here's an ooooold video to give you an example of a what takes place when Daddy comes home on his lunch break...

A Sweet Daddy. Oh, I am so glad we had a baby girl!!! My husband is the PERFECT daddy for our little Liberty. He loves her and knows that his role in her life will shape and mold what she will look for somday in a future mate. Already he is teaching our boys how to protect and care for their baby sister. Plus, he loves to hold her and show her off. He is constantly telling her how beautiful she is and praying for her that she will have a "gentle and quiet spirit which is of great worth in God's eyes".

A Careful Disciplinarian. Ryan and I share this role, but he always follows up my "serious" reprimands (usually once he's home from work, but sometimes on the phone) to make sure that we have gotten to the "heart level" with the boys. Thanks to Ryan, discipline at our house is always careful. Ryan takes time to really talk and evaluate with the boys. I often hear them ending their talks with tickles, laughter and occasionally, a sweet song that Ryan is singing over the disobedient boy. And none of them will let you forget that each "talk" always needs to end in a big, over-the-top bear hug!

A Powerful Preacher. This one is a hard one to explain. Ryan has always been an amazing preacher, but since our move to our current town and sitting under the amazing teaching of our current head pastor, his preaching has changed. He is even more spirit-filled, more discerning and more bold. Everyone who hears him says the same thing...I hear it all the time...His messages are from the Lord. They are powerful, moving, convicting, griping and always make you long for Heaven. He is a great speaker, but "eloquence" has never been his aim. There are no stories, punch lines, video clips or "fluff". Just Jesus. Just Truth. Just the Cross. Just BIBLE.

A Kind Neighbor
. He's always doing things like shoveling snow off of someones driveway or buying our unemployed neighbor a brand new lawn mower after theirs has broken. He takes notice of the needs of others and responds!

A Visionary Man. He keeps our life interesting for sure! He always has new ideas, visions, plans, schemes, and missions for our family! (Why else would we be in this rural town?) I love his passion for life and his desire to discover where the Lord is working and moving...because that is where He wants to be! He is a man of INCREDIBLE dreams and I love that! You have NO IDEA how excited and blessed I feel to be at his side watching how the Lord will fulfill His will in my man!

A Fun Principal. Not only is Ryan a preacher, he's also a K-4 through 12th grade principal. And just like at home, the kids at his school LOVE him. They cheer and scream when they find out "Mr.Wheeler" is on recess duty. He loves his job as principal and it shows! He cares about the hearts of the kids and does what he can to assist parents in spurring their children on and guiding them through their school years. Plus, the kids won't let you forget...he's the best pusher when it comes to the playground swings!

(Do you see him on the far left?)

(and here on the right with K-4 through 2nd grade... )

A Non-Typical American Man.  Ryan is one of the most strong, manly men I know...but by most people's standards he is not a "normal American" ...and I LOVE that about him!  He's not a big fan of sports.  I mean, he doesn't mind watching a game here and there.  He loves to play basketball and even coaches soccer at his school.  But he is not defined by any sport or team.  I do not lose him due to "March Madness" or some fleeting play-off game.  He'll watch and enjoy, but he does not love sports.  In fact, we are very careful about athletics in our home (see his post on this HERE).

My BESTEST friend. I know people say this alot, but for us, it is no stretch of the imagination. The two of us do not have a better, closer friend than we have in one another. He knows me better than anyone else and I know the same is true about him with me. We have no secrets from one another...and though this has been hard (and even hurtful, to be honest) at times, it has only made us better friends and partners.
We love time together. That's why we lug all the kids to the grocery store for 3 items and why we don't like to work on projects without the other one by our side...we can't stand being apart! In our 7 1/2 years of marriage, we have gone to bed separately only a hand full of times (and usually it's because he's burning the midnight oil writing a sermon!) We lie in bed laughing and talking being both ridiculously silly together and shockingly serious...we usually stay up way to late!

Here is a little blurb from his blog!   This is just a part of a post he called "My Life's Work"...
"There are plenty of people writing good books, but there is only one man who God has chosen to be Dad to Trusten, Brahm, Samuel and Liberty- that's me.  

If at the end of my life I have written no books and most people in the world have no idea who Ryan Wheeler is, I will be satisfied and fulfilled to simply know that my children grew up to walk closely with the Lord.  And though I'm sure it has happened, I cannot expect my children to get there if I neglect them during these precious years for ministry and projects that seem more impactful. 

There is no greater way to impact the world and the future than by being a godly dad to as many children as God will give me.  My children are my life's work!!"


DORCAS said...

Man, I missed this one! Thanks for sharing! I hope to join next week! Maybe I can do 2 post today...umm, we shall see.



Alice said...

Hi Grace! I am not sure if you'll remember me from MOMYS, but we were both expecting our 4th baby last July, and I have 3 older boys the same ages as yours. Now I have 4 sweet boys! :) I stumbled upon your blog (had no idea you had one!) through the comments at one of Amy's posts, and when I saw the pictures of your little ones I was so excited to have discovered that you are blogging! :)

I absolutely love what I see so far at your blog (especially tips on the chores and scheduling)! I am going to have to come back to read more, as I have read as many posts as I can for tonight and it is getting late. You seem very organised and your home runs ever so well compared with mine. I should not compare, of course! ;) But I am just a LITTLE bit in crisis mode right now, having set up no schedule, and homeschooling being harder to juggle with the littles than I expected. It also appears that we have been slacking big time in the discipline department because we have all sorts of troubles with the boys' behaviour right now! So, plenty to work on, and I don't look to God enough for strength, I think. I am expecting another baby in December and currently morning sick, so that adds to it a little!

Liberty is so sweet! I do hope that one day the Lord will bless me with a daughter, but I also expect that this baby will be a 5th boy, and I am so utterly delighted with each of my boys that I honestly can't wait to meet another!

I have much to learn from your writings! I will be back! Your post about your sweet hubby is wonderful!

melanie:::adorkable said...

Grace, I absolutely love everything about this post! Thank you for sharing. Once again I feel a kindred bond with you. My husband and I have the same sort of relationship. We love to do every little thing together--even if it's just me walking over to the church to make a copy of something, we do it together.

I love reading/knowing married couples who are truly content and blessed by God because they are following HIS will TOGETHER. So many couples seem to be negative about marriage ("Just you wait until....blahblahblah...")

I love this.
Thanks Grace!

Kasey said...

Grace, reading that was the most amazing blessing. I can only imagine what an incredible boost that was for your husband to see you publicly declare your love and appreciation for him. That you make note of the ways in which you see God leading him. I must admit, this single mama of five is feeling a wee bit jealous of the incredible life you two are building for your beautiful children!

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