Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blessed Beyond the Curse!

I love Easter time.  Absolutely LOVE it.

I simply cannot imagine being a momma without Easter...without the assurance that I have a Savior who is ALIVE and who is FOR me! And that because of His victory over death, I am able to do all things through HIS strength!

Come what may--long days, hard days, emotional days, days when nothing goes my way, days when I feel ill-equipped and even down-cast...I have the victory over sin and darkness in Him alone!!!

It is because of Easter I know I can call on the sweet name of Jesus and He is quick to come to my side.  And with Him comes life in abundance!  A life that isn't always easy, as I take up my cross, but a life that is BLESSED BEYOND THE CURSE!

So glory in this day that the Lord has given you because He reigns victorious!  Because, come what may, dear friend, if your life is set upon the Rock called Christ, YOU have the VICTORY over anything this day holds thanks to the EMPTY TOMB!  He is ALIVE and offers us LIFE!

Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus for Easter!  This momma needs my Savior desperately...You are the air I breathe as I struggle to raise up a generation for righteousness, even amongst the clogged toilets and books with all the pages ripped out!  Even still...VICTORY IN JESUS!

I am saved!  I am an overcomer!  I am a joint heir! And, indeed, I AM BLESSED beyond the curse!!!
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