Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moving Day!

Don't worry!  Our family didn't move..just the chickens did!

We've moved them from their brooder...

To their new outdoor home with a fresh salad bar provided daily!

 Moving Day was a success!  All 103 chickens got moved and they are happy to have more room and fresh forage!

This is MY chick.  I named her Ginger (Samuel added Snap, so Ginger Snap it is)
We noticed at 2 weeks she had Splayed Legs.  I took on this challenge and was determined to fix her.  For the first week I wrapped her legs in gauze and taped her legs in.
The next week we had noticed a significant difference, so I used a rubber band to keep her legs in but allow her to walk.  
On "Moving Day" we removed the rubber bands and she was completely healed!  She was walking, able to reach the waterer and feed!
I  marked her head to keep an eye on her.  She's my first patient and a success story!

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