Friday, May 14, 2010

How We Used To Do Chores--Chore Cards

I've been cleaning out my "school" area and found my kids' old chore cards!  Most of these ended up lost or chewed up, but I found a precious few still in tact and thought I'd share them with you!

When Trusten was 4, Brahm was 2.5, and Samuel was 9 months, I became pregnant with Liberty and had awful morning sickness.  Unlike my past pregnancies, it was just in the mornings, so I knew if I could get to noon, I'd be good to go!

So, in order to survive mornings, I came up with these picture chore cards to help my kiddos know what they were to do while mommy was laid out on the couch!
Trusten and Brahm each had their own envelopes for their morning responsibilities that I kept in the desk drawer.  When they woke up, I'd fix them breakfast (that was about all I could manage!) and then they'd head to the desk drawer for their cards.

These cards gave them some direction for their mornings and because of their ages, my expectations were really low, it was just the fact that they were trying and learning a routine! 

The last "chore" was quiet time with me in the living room.  And we loved this SO much, we still do it!  After all the morning tasks are checked off our chore board (for my new method, see HERE), we'd have quiet Bible time.

I'll write more about that in a future post!

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!


Gwen Toliver said...

We went from a chore board to chore cards a few months ago! So it must be the change that works, not necessarily the method! My kids get excited just to see the chore list/cards etc change - the variety keeps it interesting but it helps them to do a wide range of chores. I learned this a few years ago when, in a rush for company, I told my 10yo to start the dishwasher and he didn't know how!! Since moving into the new house, it had never been on his job list. Good reminder for this mom!

I always appreciate your ideas - it's good to see how another mom does things and I think we have a lot of the same principles in parenting! :)

Beth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your cleaning ideas and am starting to catch up on your other posts, too! Your kids are adorable and your husband seems like such a good guy!

The more I read, the more we seem to have in common...except that I gained back the 30 lbs. I lost after baby #4! I read your posts about your weight loss and realized that I "hit that wall" when I let The Lord out of my weight loss. I started the journey with him in the forefront (I was on the Christian based Prism Diet). Before I knew it, I let life get in the say and the lbs. crept back on. Now I am trying to find it in me to do it again. Your posts give me hope that I CAN do it again. With The Lord, all things are possible, right??? Looking back, I was so happy 30 lbs. lighter (even though I still wanted to lose more) and I thought it was because of the weight. Now I know it was because I was closer to The Lord. DUH. Sometimes I need hit over the head to figure this stuff out! Thanks for enlightening me. I do feel there is a reason I found your blog, regardless of how I got here. The Lord was trying to get me to see and you just opened my eyes! THANK YOU! ;) I'll be back often! God Bless!

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