Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Parade is Coming!

The Wheeler's often get teased that we should get a parade license for our family when we go out in public. Ha ha very funny.

Well, this time we really were in a parade! Chanute Christian Academy was in the Artist Alley parade and the Wheelers got to join in on the fun!

This is just after we got done decorating the boys' rides:

Trusten was very proud of the sign he made:

Look at all those handsome men in Warrior Blue!

Like the bumper sticker?!

The Schoonover Girls

One of the banner getting prepared...

A couple of the Goff boys with the school banner...
"Who is that guy on the right? Surely that's not the principal!"
"He looks like a student." "He's too young to be a principal"
and the comments go on and on! LOL!

The boys practicing waving their flags...

Getting lined up:

Samuel was a big hit!

The boys' friend, Anthony:

Getting started...

And now it's over but we get to watch!

1 comment:

Keith and Crystal said...

How fun. Keith gets the same comments...."You're the..(gasp, cough, cough) PRINCIPAL??? :)

Your kids are so cute!

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