Wednesday, November 11, 2009


October is always one of my favorite months!

I love the weather, I love the festivity of fall, I love watching the leaves change, I love the fall sports, and it's Trusten's birthday month!

At the soccer tourney...

Bundle of Joy!

She liked the taste of her coat!

**Trusten's Birthday Party with small group friends...

The crew...


Trusten, Olivia and Grace

Samuel, Eli and Eva enjoying their cake

Trusten, Olivia, Brinly and Blake "swinging"
(this one is before Blake pushes his sister off...)

And after he pushes her off...

Sarah and I

Brahm showing off his toys

Braddox and Liberty (Braddox is bigger, but 1 month younger!)

My May flower!

**Celebrating Trusten's birthday at El Pueblito!

**Now to MooMaw and Papa's...
Liberty and Jack--sweet cousins!

Grandma and Liberty

Trusten opening gifts!

Cake time!

I think he's hungry!

Samuel's enjoying it!

Brahm too!

Trusten spending his birthday money!

**Carnival time!


Trusten's first Ferris Wheel ride!

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