Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change is coming!

Since finding out we're having a girl, Ryan and I have been talking a lot about change...Things we need to change in our home and in ourselves.

In fact, Ryan (in the car on the way home from our ultrasound) said that his first thought in the doctors office, was "I'm going to have a daughter...I need to become a better man!"

I told him my first thought was, "I'm going to have a daughter...I have a lot to change about myself!"

For me, my desire is to be my daughters primary model of 1 Peter 3 and Titus 2. I want her to see first hand through my example that beauty is not about outward adornment but that a gentle and quiet spirit is what is of great worth. I don't care if she is fashionable or if she gets many compliments on her beauty...I want her focus to be inward--looking at her heart and what her Lord sees when examining her.
So that means I have some areas I need to focus less on--and some areas I need to focus more on--because I want to lead by example. I don't want her growing up seeing me get excited over a shopping trip or new shoes. I don't want her to watch me at the mirror adding things to my face that God has already created "fearfully and wonderfully".
I want her to see the opposite: A momma who is content with how God made her and a momma who is excited about eternal things like,
-the Word
-serving, loving and joyfully submitting to my husband
-taking great delight in loving, training and teaching my children
-adding to my family all that the Lord desires and ridding our home of the things that he detests
But then there are also the physical changes in our home that need to happen. Switching room, rearranging beds, etc.

We'll be making the current upstairs into the boys room.

We'll soon have bunk beds (thanks to my generous sister and brother-in-law, Marjie and Nate!), SJ's crib, and most of the toys upstairs.

And the boys current room will become our new baby girls room

(We'll be painting it and replacing the sports theme, of course!!!)

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the broomes said...

So exciting, Grace!!! The upstairs looks like a perfect place for 3 brothers!!! ...Hey: have you ever read Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney? It's my favorite book on the relationship between moms and their daughters. It gives great practical/biblical instruction on how to impart biblical femininity to our daughters. Good stuff.

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