Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a...

We had our sonogram on Friday and found out Baby Wheeler #4 is a GIRL!!!

We're all so excited! Here's a quick synopsis of the reactions...

Grace: Laugh/Cried at first, then violently grabbed our doctors arm and said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Then cried and laughed more. I looked over at Ryan and said "See? You CAN make girls!"

Ryan: Cried and kept thanking the Lord! (She'll be born right around his birthday so this is definitely the best gift for him!)

T-Man: Hugged me and said, "Oh momma, I'm so happy it's a girl!"

Boo: "A Gurl baby? Oh yes!"

SJ: Just kept on eating his food :)

My mom: this video says it all--(*notice her leg goes up with her hands...true sign of being a former KC Chiefs Cheerleader)...

My dad: "Are you serious" and lots of tears!

My sisters: Cried and rejoiced with us!

Ryan's parents: (we had to tell them over the phone from Kansas City) were shocked and thrilled!

Ryan's sister: SO excited and said "I'm SO surprised!"

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Keith and Crystal said...

SO excited for you, Grace!! Congratulations!!! I enjoyed the reactions. :) That's kind of how it was for us when we announced that we were having a boy. :)

Have a great day!!


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