Monday, December 14, 2009

Thrift Store Clothes + A Cows Tongue + Yummy Food=Small Group Christmas Party

Preparing Ryan's white elephant gift!


Lori even dressed up poor Braddox :)

We had GREAT food :)

Victor (and Kathryn) won!

Me passing out #'s for the gift exchange (don't be jealous of my vest!)

Opening gifts...

"What is this???"



I had a crush on the nerdy Rock Band drummer

The guys played Rock Band til almost midnight!


laurapeery said...

I can't believe you would ever get near a cow tongue again... wasn't it your last summer at LSCC when the interns thought up our "Tame the Tongue" idea of cow tongue football - so gross! we had to drive to Raytown to get it... we really stretched the Scriptures with crazy games like that no doubt! :)

Grace said...

WHAT?!?! I think that must have been after our LSCC days...I have no memory of that what-so-ever!!! People actually touched it? With their bare hands? At least I wore gloves :)

It was left-over from our side of beef we ordered.

Grace said...

Wow! When I saw the title I had to check out this post! Looks like a super fun time. I think you are amazingly brave! Ewww!

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