Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our kids joined 4H this year, which means we've been super busy but we've also been having a lot of fun!  We had "4H Days" recently and each of the boys signed up to give presentations.  I was really surprised when they all said they wanted to do it!  

Trusten spoke on Samuel Morse (inventor of morse code)

 Brahm did a presentation on how a guitar makes noise

Samuel talked about his favorite super heros

Trusten also acted in a skit and sang in a chorus
(both of which got Top Blue!)

4H offers so many awesome opportunities that we wouldn't get otherwise!  My boys were able to conquer some common fears that many adults still struggle with!  Plus, giving these presentations encourages them to learn more about something they love...which I love!



The Blackley Tribe said...

I was in 4-H, and LOVED it! I agree, it helped me build confidence and provided an opportunity to process some of those 'stage frights'. I LOVE how Samuel did a presentation on his favorite super heroes. So funny, and so fun ;) Superheroes, something I didn't understand until having boys. ;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

How wonderful to see you again!!! Your family is just beautiful. We've been talking about getting involved in 4-H too! :)

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