Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wheelers Poppin' Wheelies...well, almost...

Well, okay, so we may not be to the point yet of poppin' wheelies (yet!), but lately, we've been doing some pretty serious bike riding!

Earlier this week I took the boys (who were getting a little stir crazy at home) to the bike trail...

That's right...I attempted to take my 4 little friends on a walk! I got some funny looks (and as always, some sarcastic comments--but that's a whole different post!) as I "wore" Liberty in my BabyHawk carrier, pushed Brahm and Samuel in the double stroller and Trusten rode his bike beside us.

But about a mile and a half into the walk, Brahm decided he wanted to try to ride Trusten's bike. I was quick to say "no, let's just wait till we get home" but Trusten thought it was a great idea and wanted to teach Brahm how to ride.

Wheelers aren't really known for our height, so it takes a while before our feet can touch the bike peddles, so Brahm had never tried a "big boy" bike, until this day. (Up until now, it was just tricycles)

So Trusten spent the rest of the half mile coaching Brahm. It was the sweetest thing. I kept hearing "You can do it Brahm!" "Peddle hard now!" "You're doing it!" "You look so big!" and so on.

I didn't have my camera with me, but once we got back to the car, I took some video...

Keep in mind, this was all done with no initiative from me! I just love it!


Then yesterday when Ryan got off work, we decided to take them up to the college's parking lot to let Brahm practice riding and to see if we could finally wean Trusten off the training wheels. He rides with no training wheels in the grass, but hasn't tried it on the concrete yet.

So first we tried it in the grass...

Once he felt confident there, we convinced him to give it a try (with daddy by his side) on the concrete...

He was so proud of himself and within minutes was just flying around the parking lot all by himself!

He even perfected his dismount... **(listen for the tire skid, he's pretty proud of it!)



laurapeery said...

exciting times I'd say! :)

Grace said...

It is sooo good to hear an update from you! I REALLY missed you on MOMYS!! Your little guys are too cute. What a sweet big brother!

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