Friday, December 4, 2009

My favorite birthday so far!

This year I turned 29 years old and it is my BEST birthday yet!!!

I woke up to my husband and kids at my bedside with cards and presents in hand. Then we went to the kitchen for donuts...

and my husband told me he was going into work late :)

Plus, I got lots of birthday hugs and kisses from my oldest son...

and the sweetest of smiles from my youngest son...

and a song from my middle son...they are the sweetest boys I know!

The song my middle son sang for me, he made up all by himself! He's only 3 years old, but he is a true musician at heart! He's always making up songs and I was the lucky recipient today!

Here are the words to this song...
“Happy birthday to momma…in the morning…giving her a momma birthday song..she had donuts…and a song about oh, waking up too jah...and the dark clouds will go away from my momma momma…Singing yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord. Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord. Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord…" (talking now) "momma now I’ma gonna do a different one…"

It's a little hard to hear with Ryan and Trusten building our fire in the background and Samuel yelling "What doing Momma..where'd you go?"! but it's ALL precious to me...background noise and all!!!

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Kyle and Mandy said...

Happy belated birthday Grace! It looks like your family gave you a pretty terrific birthday! :) That is SO sweet!

My 30th was in October and was great!


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