Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank you, but NO "Thank You"

I used to keep a box with all the old cards I would receive from friends.  In college, that box turned into 2 boxes.  Then in our early married life, it turned into a medium-sized tub...

I had a lot of cards!  Most of them were "thank-you's".

During the season of friends having weddings every weekend and then friends having babies every month...

I acquired a lot of "thank you" cards!

I decided in our first move as a married couple to throw away most of my "thank you" cards I had received.

That was a hard decision for me.  I knew people had spent precious time on those cards, spent money on the postage and were truly grateful for the gift I sent, or the food I delivered.

But I had to do it.  I had to get rid of the cards I would probably never look through.  I had to simplify the "clutter"!  And, after all, I knew they were thankful, I didn't need a card to remind myself of that!

What do you do with your "thank you" cards?

Well, I get very few "thank you's" anymore, because of my new policy...my new "shower gift".

In fact, I'm kinda known for it now...

Along with any gift I give or any meal I deliver is a verbal warning (or a note) saying,

"and please, NO THANK YOU CARDInstead, use the time you would spend writing me a card, to cuddle your new baby a little longer or fix a special dessert for your new husband or...(the list goes on)."

I don't need thank-yous.  I know people are thankful...I've been there--I know how thankful you are to get a new sleeper for a new baby or to get a meal after a long, hard day, etc.

Trust me, I know what a blessing those things can be...I've had 4 kids within 6 years.  I know how treasured those acts of kindness ares...but I also know the TIME it takes to write thank you notes!

So... don't spend time sending me a thank you...use that time to enjoy your family and I won't have to feel bad about throwing away your card :)

(Don't worry, I still keep some though!  I know "cards" are some peoples love languages...I know who those friends of mine are, so I keep those because they are full of memories and love for me!)

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Kara said...

I love this post!!!!!

I am not a fan of thank you cards, getting them at least, so I think I will start including that disclosure. I want to bless people, a card is totally not necessary! I have friends who send them out for b-day presents, so I feel obligated to do the same!! Anyways I love this! Will be doing this soon!

~Stephanie said...

Ohhhh.... cards are my love language and letters too. I think God knew that when He planned us to be matched with Xander. I faithfully write his birthmom letters and include a ton of pictures per our agreement. He knew it'd be no problem for me. :)

Grace Wheeler said...

Yes, letters are a whole different story! I keep most of those! Just not the cards with the whole two-lines saying "Thanks for the baby outfit. I can't wait to see him wear it."


Pamela said...

I can totally relate to having multiple boxes full of cards. After moving 5 times in about 6 years, I finally went through them and of all birthday cards and thank you cards, I kept only the ones that I could see they really spent time choosing a card with a message and or cards that had more than one line written to me. I tossed all others and I no longer keep the thank you cards for gifts I have given. I keep them out to enjoy for a couple of months and then I feel fine with tossing it out.


Tara said...

Whenever our church has a shower of any sort we make sure the honoree knows that part of her gift is that she need not write a single thank you note for any of the gifts she receives.

Dee said...

I used to own a stationey company and I would be thinking, "this card is going right into the garbage after it is read". That said, I actually love writing thank you notes, and I don't expect the note to be kept, just enjoyed. I don't need a thank you note, but I want my children to show good manners and write thank you notes to show gratitude early!

Grace Wheeler said...

Dee~My kiddos send thank-you cards too. They actually love creating pictures and writing "thank you" in their own ways.

I'd rather just have a new mom or new wife spend time doing other things than writing me a note of thanks! But if that is how they WANT to spend their time, I have no problem with that! :)

Usually is it a HUGE relief when I give a present and say "no thank you note!"...they usually are VERY blessed by that! :)

Dee said...

I agree a blessing is the no thank note policy....my friends tease me and say do I have to thank you for the thank you note? when do we stop!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Danielle said...

I just recently threw out a lot of old cards and *eek* pictures too!!! May sound bad, but some of the pictures were from times in my life when I was not walking with God, and I don't need a physical reminder of those times! I might have to steal your idea...I don't need thank-you's either. I don't know if I'd ever be able to quit writing them because my mom might get mad at me! :) but I certainly don't need anyone sending them to me!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Very sweet! When we receive thank you notes, birthday cards, ect. I read them and enjoy them...then put them in our art box and allow the kids to cut, paste, or do what they like with them! They are great for teaching young ones how to cut because the are thicker and easier to handle!

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