Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eating Where We Learn, Learning Where We Eat

For the time being, it's easier to have our school room down-stairs, so we moved back in our dining room! With SJ's crib being upstairs, it was just too hard working school around his now we do school WHILE he naps! It's working out great, we've been doing school in the dining room for about 2 months now.

T-Man is going through Rod and Staff's preschool/kindergarten curriculum, and "Learning To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" and then just a bunch of random extra stuff on the side (thanks to all my veteran home-school friends)!

T-Man's reading a lot of words and even some simple phrases like "see me eat".

Boo's still learning to expand his vocabulary, but he's also he's learning colors and numbers.

SJ's just learning to pull-up :)

Our New Double-Functioning School Room:

I LOVE being organized (and having so many choices/varieties thanks to hand-me-downs!):

Samuel's high-chair doubles as my easle for Brahm's school stuff:

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