Friday, January 29, 2010


How's it going? Well, let's see...

Eating Out of the Pantry Challenge: It's been...well, challenging. But, it feels really good to be saving so much money and to be eating what we already have.

At the beginning of the challenge, I thought we'd make it maybe 2 weeks before having to do some serious grocery shopping, but I was so wrong! In fact, now we're almost at the end of 4 weeks and I bet I still have enough food to last us another month! I had no clue we had so much food on-hand!

For me, one aspect that has been hard in this challenge is a bit on the mental side. Watching the pantry and fridge empty makes me feel like we're running out of food and makes me want to run to the store. But I know that a lot of this food we're using up would just sit and sit and eventually have to be thrown away because I'd either put off using it because I'd be buying different flavors that we use more often or staples for my "usual" recipes. Instead, I'm using items I don't typically use...and we're enjoying the adventure!

The other challenging part has been eating all my ready-made boxed dinners. I had more than I knew! First, I just enjoy cooking from scratch, so boxed dinners just aren't as fun. But also, I like having some on hand "just in case". Obviously I've had these dinners for a loooong time, so there hasn't been a "just in case" yet, so I'm not sure what I've been expecting, but again, it's just mental comfort. I'll keep a few for the future, but we're trying to eat through the majority of them now.

Pink Eye: Brahm's eye is much better today! I faithfully applied his drops yesterday, gave him some benadryl last night and he woke up with no ooze, no swelling, just a little redness!

Thankfully, no one else has shown signs of getting pink eye. So I'm praying we'll be out of the woods soon!

Weekend Plans: Snow storm! Pink eye! Runny noses! This is Ryan and I's anniversary weekend, so we were hoping to go on a date...but it looks like it'll be delayed until the weather and the wellness of our children change their status!

It's a good thing we love being with our kids!!! Still, the kids know that mommy and daddy sometimes need time to ourselves so that we can continue being a good mommy and daddy.

After all, we believe that the best thing we can give our children, is peace of mind that mommy and daddy love each other more than anyone else in the world!

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