Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter-Time Pics

Here are some random pics from December and January...

Sweet siblings

Samuel is 2!!!! (celebrating at MooMaw & Papa's)

Another birthday celebration with Nana & Papa

My two babies

Dad and all his girls

Lukers and Trussers

Jack Joy (that's my nickname for him b/c he always looks like this...
well, minus the food on the face, I was doing the "airplane" to feed him and it got a little messy!)

Dinner at the "food train" restaurant

Fritz's~ the boys loved watching the train deliver the food!

Liberty (5 months) and Momma (29 now!)

Getting to see my kindred spirit Sara was a highlight!
And meeting each others baby girls for the first time!
(They live in Gautamala!)

The boys' spiritual gifts...

Trusten got a bow & arrow with a note to
"be strong and courageous"

Brahm's spiritual gift was drum sticks
"Burst out in jubilant song! Make music to the Lord!"
(Psalm 98:4)

Samuel got a Nerf sword
"A mighty warrior for Jesus!"
(the rest of the day he ran around swinging his sword yelling
"I'n a wawrior!"

Liberty's first Christmas! (that must have been flavored wrapping paper!)

Samuel loves hats (underwear works just as well)

Snow men!

Trip to Wichita!
The girls of the fam...

Truey and Boo

And last, we've loved to create new projects this winter!
(This one is called "zebra smelling flower")

("rocket-ships and lazers")

And more projects!...

Trusten made binoculars!

Samuel's art

Brahm's making a "contraption"

And just last night it was finally time for haircuts!!!

Crazy kids!

Oh, how I LOVE my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Blackley Tribe said...

That Liberty Joy is quite the cutie guys should've had a girl a long time ago ;)I loved all the pics!
Don't worry, the recipe will come...I'm just slow!

laurapeery said...

those were great to see... thanks for sharing :)

Hannah Lea said...

Too wonderful, Grace! Thanks so much for letting us all see those! Your boys are just the greatest...

Raising Saints said...

Great pics Grace! My kids would love a restaurant that delivered their food via a train! Great ideas on the spiritual gifts as well .. I might "borrow" them sometime. :)

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