Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting A Vegetarian to Eat Meat

Is it just my kids or are all kids born as vegetarians?

Well, okay, obviously any kid is partial to milk when they are first born, but after they get older and have been introduced to every type of "grown up" food, my kids seem to remain vegetarians

Take my oldest son for example, he has never liked meat...well at least not meat that actually tastes like meat (he doesn't mind a hotdog or a McDonald chicken nugget)!  In fact, when I first started him on baby food, he was crazy about it all!  But the minute I introduced him to combos like "Chicken and Apples" he quickly learned to wriggle up his nose and purse his lips.

As he grew up and started eating more solid food, I had a hard time getting him to eat anything that even looked like a meat item. 

So has been the story with all my boys so far.

These boys of mine will eat everything on their dinner plate but still, the one thing that remains at the end of dinner, is the meat.  They will gladly eat all their sides (including the vegetables!) over their meat. 

So my question is: at what point does a kid start to *enjoy* eating meat...and I mean real meat.

Well, I'm applying the "this to shall pass" motto to this issue and in the mean time, I'm willing to choose my battles!

Here's how I get my "vegetarians" to eat meat...
1~Put it in a casserole!  My boys will gladly eat a meal like lasagna where everything is all mixed together.  Occassionally they will spot a dreaded piece of meat, but even they cannot resist an item dripping with cheese and tastey sauce!

2~Let them have their dips!  We have become a dippin' family!  And as long as they will eat their meat, I don't care what they smother it with... 

Barbeque sauce on your flounder fish?  Go ahead!
Sour cream on your pork bites?  Sure!
Honey mustard over your chicken fried steak?  Have at it!
Italian dressing for Grandma's meatloaf?  Be my guest!

Because I just want them to eat it without tears.

Eating a peaceful dinner without a struggle over food?  It's a dream come true for this momma!


jenny said...

we must have the same naptime! ha! great thoughts on the no-meat-eaters. so far my almost-3 girl is the same. just say not to meat, unless of course it's a hot dog or chicken nugget. sheesh. i made beef veggie soup the other night. she picked all the way around those pieces of ground beef to get at the corn & green beans. what a weirdo!!

Grace Wheeler said...

I think you're right about our nap times Jenny :) The soup thing happens here too! Picky, picky!

Amy Matthews said...

My Silas started eating meat as soon as Cory started telling him which animal it came from , GROSS!! Rylin still doesn't eat it and Zeke is almost strictly a veggie man. Time will tell!

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