Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fun Day in the City (and thanks Hudson for a Reason to Celbrate!)--Vacation Part 4

Happy Birthday to my nephew Hudson!!!
Hudson turned 5 while we were on vacation, so we took the WHOLE day to celebrate!

First we went to Mr. Gatti's--a pizza buffet with arcade

Trusten and Elliott sporting their new hats from "Lids": 
T for Trusten and Tennessee
El got an MU hat...what else?

Liberty always had this doll tucked under her arm
(well, unless Esther, the rightful owner, won the tug of war)

Sarah and Esther (and baby #6 in belly)

Huddy Buddy opening presents

Arcade time!!

Momma scores!

Liberty giving the games a try
Time to move onto the next venue!

Samuel didn't even make it out of the pizza buffet/archade parking lot!
The sucker he "won" with his tickets fell out of his mouth mid-lick (see it stuck to his shirt?)...
the kid was TIRED!

To the Go-Karts we go!!!

My sweet, sleepy Liberty slept through all the rumble!

Truett really wanted to ride the go-karts!

Hudson and Trusten (the 5 year old's) cruising...

Brahm hugging the corners!  He was a very CAUTIOUS driver!

Once Samuel woke up, he was just thrilled to get to ride this horse...
and get his sucker back!

Now it was time for the "daddy Go-Karts"
(Ryan and Brahm in front here, Chad and Hudson 2 rows behind them)

You may not be able to tell here, but Brahm did NOT like this track!
He ended up with a headache and tummy ache :(
He just kept saying, "That was way too loud, momma"

On the other hand, Trusten LOVED the Go-Karts!
(Chad and Isabelle Grace in a close second)
(Chad~everyone knows you can't beat a "Wheeler" at anything involving wheels...
it's in the name, it's our game.)

We had such a blast this day in Pigeon Forge!  Our kids are still talking about it and asking when we can go back...well, Brahm isn't too enthusiastic about trying the Go-Karts again for a long time, but he did enjoy driving his own!  He keeps telling everyone "It was just like being on Mario Kart!"

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DORCAS said...

OH! It's looks like you all had a BLAST!!!


Gwen Toliver said...

I love the lollipop stuck to the shirt picture :)

Fun Memories said...

I hopped onto your blog from an article on Danielle Heater's facebook. Not sure why but you look familiar. anyway, you have a great blog. I am a Grandma now so it is fun to get ideas.

Fun Memories said...

I hopped onto your blog from an article on Danielle Heater's facebook. Not sure why but you look familiar. I have been a Grandma now for 6 mo. so it is fun to get ideas from a young Mom...and with a biblical perspective. Thanks, linda

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