Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let the Little Children Come To Me...

"We were holding back our son's child-like faith, because of our adult-like doubt"

Just over a year ago, our oldest son asked Jesus into his life to be Lord of all. 

It was such an exciting day!  We rejoiced at this new work the Lord was doing in our son's heart and we knew that this was just the beginning of our son growing in knowledge and understanding of sanctification and justification.

At that time we talked to him about the importance of baptism once you make that commitment because baptism is a way to say to the Lord, the enemy and the church that, "I belong to Jesus!  He is my Lord and Savior!"

However, to be honest, Ryan and I's desire was that Trusten wait until he was older and had a fuller understanding of the cross and the gospel (even baptism) before he took that next step.

Well, this week at our church, there was to be a baptism service and Trusten caught wind of it.

One night during family worship he said, "maybe I should be baptized".

We said something along the lines of "sure, someday buddy, when you're a little older..."

But over the next few days he just wouldn't let it go. He wanted to be baptized.  He knew it was the next step of obeidence and he wanted to obey.

Ryan and I were hesitant, but then the Lord spoke to both of us the night of the service and said, "Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Mark 10:14).We realized we were holding back our son's child-like faith because of our adult-like doubt.

So that very night, Wednesday, August 4th, Trusten was baptized with water and took a step of faith into being a disciple of the Lord Jesus!

Getting ready to be "dunked", Ryan said, "I baptize you, my son and my brother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"
Right after he came out of the water he said, "I DID IT!"
He knew he had been obedient to the Lord's calling!

There is no explaining the sheer joy Trusten had after service...
It wasn't hyperness, it wasn't a sugar-rush, it was the work of the Spirit!

Thankful for our Trusten...and that in the end, we didn't get in the way of his response to the Lord's call to come to Him and be baptized.
We fell asleep that night asking ourselves,
"Why is it that we tell adults all the time to have child-like faith, but when a child has child-like faith, we try to 'reason' them out of it?"

This post is linked to Wednesday's Walk at my friend, Jenilee's blog!


Kate said...

What a wonderful post! You must be so happy that Trusten heard the call to come to the Lord.

It is so true, though, I remember how I believed as a child and how different my adult faith is in some ways(and yes ;) I am working on that post).

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Jenilee said...

I am waiting for that day with my girls! I have had the priveledge of praying with each one of them at different times as they have asked Jesus into their hearts. We are the same way about baptism... we want them to be old enough to fully understand. one day very soon! I will probably push Elayna for the next one at church. :) Congrats to your precious family!

JillAileenJones said...

Thanks for sharing this! Mike and I struggled with this too-two of our 4 have accepted Jesus and have been baptized but when our 6 year old started talking about it all with me one night and the ended up asking Jesus in his heart we both said the same thing-when you are ready (meaning when we think you are ready) you can get baptized-he has questioned it more lately and so I think we will be doing that with him soon as well. I said the same thing-why do we think they don't understand when the bible clearly states we are to have a child like faith-or faith of a child and so I have to put my two cents in there and think-he doesn't understand it all when he probably clearly does and we are the ones holding him back.
I think with me I worried more about other people thinking he was too little and didn't fully understand it all because I have heard people say that before.
I don't care anymore-I still think that at some point they may have to realize that the Lord has to have Lordship over every part of their lives-something they may not get yet but the simple fact they Love God and know how and why He died for their sins and rose again and is coming again soon-I think they get that better than we do sometimes because they don't put more into than simply believing it is true and knowing they want that.
God is good-so happy for you all!
Love ya! So glad to call Trusten my brother in Christ.
That part always chokes me up-my Derek who is 8 got baptized in Feb and he told my husband that when he was done and I just cried-he seemed so wise beyond his years.

Grace Wheeler said...

YES!!! Sometimes with little ones it's more about "obedience to the Word" than about "a full understanding"...we adults just like to *act* like we fully understand, but I know I don't! I'm glad our faith isn't about fully "getting it"!!! :)

Cheri Bunch said...

Our son, Caleb was baptized in Pastor Hubbard's swimming pool because of his unwavering urgency to be baptized. We have never regretted that move! Blessings to all of you!

cooperkelly4 said...

Yay! congratulations. we are waiting with our kids too and trust the Holy Spirit for His perfect timing as well. =0) So encouraging. =0)

Amber said...

Wow! How Awesome! This is what it's all about.

Sara S. said...

Brings tears to my eyes! What an amazing moment for both Father and Son, and I am sure there were lots of shouts of joy around the Throne that night too. I have prayed for my sweet God son many times and for his heart to be turned to the Lord and His ways. I am so glad that already at the small age of 5 almost 6 he is walking and living a life of obedience. Praise the Lord!

Gwen Toliver said...

How wonderful, Grace! We pray for these kids for months before we even see them for the first time so to see these prayers being answered is so encouraging!! (our oldest is being baptized later this month by my Dad, also a pastor)

Danielle said...

Praise the LORD for Trusten's open ears and for your obedience!!! What a wonderful blessing!!!

~Stephanie said...

Awww Grace! I got misty-eyed reading the story. I used to bawl in the front row when my students were baptized... imagine how I'll act when it's MY BABY in the baptismal!

I completely agree with you about the child-like faith...

Josh said...

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a wonderful walk down memory lane! My hubby and I were blessed to lead our three were young, in accepting and asking Christ in their lives and when they asked to be baptized. We are so thankful and blessed that our children continue to have a wonderful relationship with the Lord and have been strong witnesses, examples and led others to the saving knowledge of Him. I know that for me, I was blessed to have my hubby be a part of my baptism after we were married....that was 28+ years ago!

I am finally gettting a chance to stop by from Wednesday's walk down Memory lane... and yikes! It is already time for another!

Blessings & Aloha!
I would love it if you get a chance to stop by my place :o)

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