Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finished At Last?

After 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there (over the past week)...I think my new blog design is finally complete! Thanks to my PR degree, I now love working with Publisher-type programs, so this was really fun for me!

I just didn't expect it to take almost a week to get a new format up! I should have known though, because...

#1~ I'm a perfectionist and I'm a little obsessive when it comes to projects like this.

#2~ I have 4 sweet children who give no gaurentee that nap-time will mean quiet time for me!

So when everyone cooperated at nap times, I went to work! Nap time is usually when I blog anyways, and most of the time I split up one blog entry over 2-3 days because of my need to multi-task! (Except for the nights Ryan is at board meetings or basketball games when I have lots of quiet time to blog--hence all the entries from February!)

But never-the-less, (slowly but surely) I got my blog renovation done!

When I first started the project, I wanted to simplify things. I like things that are practical and simple, like I've said before, so I knew wanted to make it look clean and fresh.

I also wanted to re-think my tag line. "More Excitement Than a Themepark" was fun, but I wanted to stick with the "wheel" theme rather than the themepark theme. Make sense?

So I joked with my husband about using "Jesus Take the Wheel-ers" and then I started teasing I'd just call it "This Is How We Roll"...

But after a long car-ride, listening to Samuel's favorite CD (Fisher Prices, "Things That Go") and answering his request to listen to "The Wheels On the Bus" a billion times, it just made sense to use...
"The Mommy On The Bus Says..."

After all, that's the boys favorite part of the song because I turn around and in a jokingly harsh voice (with a stern face and pointing finger to match) say "SHH, SHH, SHH!!!!" and they laugh and laugh and laugh!

To which Ryan usually follows up with "OKAY EVERYBODY...Whoops! I woke the baby!" In true Veggie Tales style!

As for the colors, those were easily decided...pink and blue for my boys and girls and a little brown to bring it together. Plus the combo is unique which I like!

And last, I just had to decide on the pattern...I had poka dots last time, so decided stripes would be a nice change!

So here it is, the debut of my new, improved blog.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

AND stay tuned for an UPCOMING GIVEAWAY in celebration of my new blog!!!


Rachel said...

Looks great!!! But I would have liked, "This is how we roll," too. :)

jenny said...

niiiiiice blog!

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Oh how fun! However, I'm thinking "This is How We Roll" is utterly hilarious!

You did a great job!

Sara S. said...

I think you need to give me some blog training next time we are together. I am having trouble making mine just how I want it. You are so creative and you know all the little ins and outs of blogging...yes, lesson is needed! Anywho, love the new blog. Looking great!

Raising Saints said...

Great job Grace!! LOVE the new title too. :)

Kara said...

looks great grace!!

Bri said...

The new layout looks awesome! My blog is pretty standard looking...lol. Maybe once I figure out how to post correctly I will work on layout :).

Grace Wheeler said...

Thanks everyone! I still wasn't totally pleased, so I tweaked it a little this afternoon!

I had fun...but glad it's over!

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