Monday, February 22, 2010

Pooping Is An Expensive Habit...

and since no one around here seems like their gonna stop this habit anytime soon..."We CD"! (cloth diaper, that is!)

I *LOVE* (yes, LOVE) cloth diapering!

I'll admit, I'm kinda addicted to it!  But still, we've only spent probably $200-$250 on cloth diapers & accessories (that is for all sizes/stages).  And they've already gone through two boys and now Liberty is using them! 

Plus, I just love seeing my kiddos in cloth diapers!  It's cute and it makes me feel frugal and old-fashioned--which, yes, I like feeling!)

When we were first looking into cloth diapers, about 2.5 years ago, I looked ENDLESSLY for the perfect fit (pun intended) for us.  There is SO much out there and the search was overwhelming!

I like anything that is practical, simple and cheap so that limited my search immediately!  There are lots of fancy choices out there, but I get so lost with all the mention of inserts, AIO's, pulling, etc.  And I'm not willing to pay a big upfront cost...

So after researching for about 3 months, we found the perfect thing for us.

We use Bummis Whisper Wraps that velcro on just like a disposable diaper and they need an old-fashioned 'prefold' in the middle. --->
For diaper changes, the prefolds can be switched out and the wrap can stay on (as long as there wasn't a leak!)

<---I also have Dappi Covers (these go on like pants) I use, but they are not as easy to change, since they go on like pants...but they work and they are cheap!  They also hold in moisture a little better for longer periods of time.  They are a soft plastic that go over a fastened prefold.  For fasteners, we use Snappi's which are super easy and pain free (unlike diaper pins)!  (Dappi's with Snappi's and prefolds are definitely the cheapest solution in CDing!)

When I'm using a prefold with a Snappi (and a Dappi cover), this is my favorite way to put it on...

So, once we decided on the cloth diaper that was best for us, we had to then choose which website to order from...that was JUST as exhausting!

I made an excel spread sheet of prices (I LOVE spread sheets!) to pick the best deal.  So, we now order all our cloth diapers from either Cotton Babies or Little Lions (*be sure to look at their clearance!)

Also, we keep an eye on Ebay for better deals on Snappi's!

Besides prefolds, Bummis Wraps, Dappis,and fasteners, I've collected a few fleece soakers from generous MOMYS that I'm starting to love using! 

They go on like pants too but are cute, soft and wonderful for heavy wetters!

(***Upcoming post: The Lies Women Believe about Cloth Diapering!)



Kara said...

Thanks for sharing, I plan to cloth diaper for our next one, I would of for Kyla but we didn't have a washer/dryer or hook ups, so I spared my sweet friends washer and dryer from that. So hopefully I will be coming back to this post in the future :)

Bri said...

I also LOVE cloth diapering! Carter gets horrible diaper rash from long term use of disposables (I have the same problem with some *ahem* feminine products). I use prefolds, dappis, and snappis. Those are also the 2 sites that I use...Little Lion has AWESOME clearance prices. I also have found good deals on snappis on amazon (you might check them for the whisper wraps also).

I do also own 2 Bum Genius one size diapers that I bought used on Cotton Babies, but to be honest I almost never use them.

Since you still have family and friends in the KC are you might also check out Craigslist. I got a bunch of diapers (almost 20 of various sizes) last week for a trade of baby food that we weren't using and formula that I was desperately trying to get rid of. Worked out great!

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