Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Family Comments and My Favorite Responses

People always have something to say and always have an opinion to share!

At first, when Ryan and I only had Trusten, I was constantly asked, "what do you do all day?"

Then people started telling me we needed to have another kid so that Trusten doesn't become spoiled, so he has a friend to play with, and on and on.

Even after Brahm people seemed so puzzled as to how I kept myself busy during the day "just staying at home all day".  Geesh!

Well, now that we're a family of six, we get lots of comments...but they are nothing like what we used to hear!

Even though, in our eyes, we're still a small family, we still get lots of comments about our "big" family. I suppose that's because we have so many little ones so close in age.

Whenever we go out to eat or to the store, we get *at least* one comment about our "big" family. Most of the time, we don't mind the comments at all, but sometimes it does get a little old. Especially when it's the same people saying the same thing over and over.

Or when people are being down-right rude in front the kids (once someone said, "Just looking at all your kids gives me a headache" (rudely) right in front of the boys.)  That was NOT okay with me and I let them know it.  I never want my kids to think that way about themselves.

Because of that, there are now certain Wal*Mart associates that we avoid because they seem to feel very negative and outspoken about our blessings!

But for the most part, the comments are pretty harmless...and sometimes amusing.  Instead of getting offended, we usually just tease back.

So here are a few of my favorite responses to some common comments.

"Your hands sure are full."
  • "Yes they are!" because...well, they really are sometimes! or "Full of blessings!" especially if the boys are listening or "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!" which is corny, but old people like it! or "Not quite yet, I still have some fingers left" if I'm feeling ornery.

"Haven't you figured out how that happens?"
  • We joke back, "Yes we have and apparently we're pretty good at it!" (if they say it in jest) or once I nicely replied, "They are children, not a disease" (because the person was being mean about it)

"Do you have your parade permit?"
  • We've gotten this twice and both times I shot back, "We sure do! Do you want to join because you look like you'd make a perfect clown!" (Yes, I really said this but in a very loving way :) !)
"Someone needs to buy you and your husband a T.V."
  • We've heard this a few times, but recently someone said it to my in-laws at an airport ("You need to buy them a T.V." was the comment) and my very sweet father-in-law just gave a courtesy laugh and said "Nah".  To which I added, "They want more grandkids!".  I mean, I don't think they have enough kids in their lap yet, do you???  :)

Okay, and just for kicks, here are just a few quotes I like...

"If evolution were true, mothers would have more than just two arms."

"The Bible calls children a blessing and debt a curse.  But in our society, we reject the blessing and apply for the curse.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture."

"'Be fruitful and multiply' means just that.  Multiply.  But you seem way too comfortable with simple addition!" 

and my personal favorite...

"Birth control is for sissies." (although I'll admit that even I am a sissy sometimes :)  !!!)


    Ryan said...

    Hi Love,
    I really like your new header!

    Grace said...

    Oh! Ha-I just changed it back to the old one...oops! I'm playing around with it while the boys are sleeping...maybe I'll commit to something tomorrow!

    Cheryl said...

    Grace! LOVED THIS!!!!!!!! We get all the comments, too, and just the other day at Walmart an older gentlemen said, "Are these all yours?" "Yes they are!" "You should have 12 more"...to which I said, "I would LOVE that!" And he said, "You know I was kidding, right?" I said, "Sure, but I wasn't." = ) He just smiled real big in amazement! = ) Fun, huh?

    Great post!

    Corrie said...

    I love your graceful but bold responses to not so nice comments! Your family is beautiful. How are we so fortunate to be so blessed by God? He knew that the challenges of motherhood would chase me directly to His arms for the moment by moment assitance I need from Him! He also knew the joy it would bring!

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