Friday, March 5, 2010

Homemade Baby Wipes and A Miracle Rash Solution!

Making your own wipes is simple.  

General Wipes Solution:
Boil 2 cups of water
Once boiled, remove from heat
Add 2 Tbs Baby Lotion
Add 2 Tbs Baby Wash
Stir till everything is dissolved

This is how I used to use this solution:
(I'll tell you why I don't do this anymore, below*)

1.  Cut Bounty paper towel roll into thirds

2.  Place one or all three cut rolls in old wipes dispensers.

3.  Pour wipe solution on top

4.  Pull paper towels through top, just like packaged wipes

Note: You don't have to have wipes dispensers.  You can also use any sealed container that will fit your paper towels.

*In order for these to wipes to work well, you have to buy the nice, more expensive Bounty wipes which ends up being about the same price breakdown as the store brand wipes.  We tried using Bounty Basic to save money, but they were still too thin.  So in the end, we fount out there is barely a difference in cost between these wipes and store-name wipes.  For us, we only get 12 extra wipes out of these homemade wipes verses Wal-Marts brand (for sensitive skin).

So now, we use store-brand wipes on Samuel and for Liberty I use cloth wipes...

If you're going to cloth diaper, you might as well, cloth wipe too!  
I shared about it in this post.

Basically, you use the same wipe solution, but keep it in a separate container.  

1.  Cut your own wipes from old blankets or old cloth diapers...

2.  Then you just dip your wipes into the solution right before you use them.

It's as simple as that!  They are nice and thick, so no tearing or sopping wipes like what can happen with the paper towel ones above.

For babies who often break out in diaper rashes, I have the miracle solution! 
Now I sound like an infomercial!  :)

Samuel used to always get Really Bad yeasty diaper rashes.  It didn't matter what I tried, he ALWAYS got them.  Cloth diaper or disposable, sensitive wipe or homemade solution, I tried all sorts of rash cremes...nothing fixed it.

We thought it was yeast in his diet and adjusted that, but still, the rash persisted...

And the last thing you want to do with a rash is rub a wipe on the raw bottom, right?

(((I got this tip from my MOMYS and it's a miracle!)))
I mix 1 TBS of white distilled vinegar in 1 cup of water.

That's it.  I use THAT as my wipe solution (with cloth wipes) and it not only cleared up his rash, it KEPT IT FROM COMING BACK!!!

Now that he's older, he doesn't have those rashes anymore, but whenever we start to see a sign of it, we just swipe his bottom with that mixture and VOILA--no yeast, no rash!


Rachel said...

Lady you read my mind!I am dealing with a quite persistent rash on Ezra as we speak- can't wait to try this!!!

laurapeery said...

a question I meant to ask before about your homemade laundry detergent... do you find that buying the parts for it ends up giving you a good savings, I'm thinking it would or you wouldn't be doing it - but just curious! I've been telling Matt I'd like to try, but I wasn't sure about the upfront costs, if they were pretty comparable to going and using a coupon for TIDE

The Blackley Tribe said...

Grace, I also use cloth wipes for cd'ing, but I put it in a spray bottle and then just spray it on the wipe right before I use it! I also didn't have any cloth lying around so I bought the super thin, super cheap baby washcloths and use those! But ultimately, I give you the credit for the idea.
Keep 'em comin' sista!

Grace said...

Dollie~I used to do the spray bottle idea but Samuel thinks it's too fun to in choosing my battles (simplifying my life) I decided to put it in a closed lid container! :)

Laura~ The cost difference is HUGE. I mean really really HUGE. A box of washing soda costs me $7 and it lasts me over a year. A box of Borax is $5 and just under a year. Soap is about a dollar a bar. SO it's HUGE savings!

Here is a link to the cost breakdown. Scroll down to where it says "But is it really less expensive?"

It's .01 a load homemade!!!

Grace said...

Rachel~ I hope this works for Ezra! If it's yeasty it should esp nip it in the bud!...or should I say butt? hee hee!

Grace said...

Laura~ forgot to add that link oops!

Bri said...

Carter gets diaper rash pretty bad in sposies, so I always am at a loss as to how to help it when I put him in cloth...I will definitely try this out!

I also just use water usually for Carter's booty...he has sensitive skin and I worry about any type of chemicals/soaps being against those extra sensitive areas. But I may try this idea as Carter gets older...thanks!

laurapeery said...

Thanks so much for the extra info Grace, do you pre-mix yours? Just wondering if there's a plus to that or not - Matt's gracious to do our laundry so I just want it to be as easy as possible when he hauls it all up to the laundry room (on campus). The savings is amazing, you're right! I'm going to search for the ingredients very soon and get started with some of my own :)

Nicole said...

Are you using the homemade laundry detergent with the cloth diapers? I have always heard you were not suppose to use real soap on cloth diapers because of the residue/stink issue? If you do use it, do you have any problem with the amonia smell in your diapers when they come of your little one's bums? Right now we use Country Save and love it, but I am interested in the homemade stuff if you can use it with the diapers too! If you want just throw me an email Thanks Grace!

P.S. I use the spray bottle method and omit the lotion (just a little soap). Works like a charm! LOVE IT!

Grace said...

I do use homemade laundry soap on my cloth diapers. Sometimes I use soap in my recipe, sometimes I don't.
Here is a recipe I follow when i don't use soap:

I almost always add a dash of white vinegar when washing my cloth dipes, which takes care of the ammonia smell.

Grace said...

what do you mean by pre-mix? I keep my dry ingredients in a plastic ice cream container and scoop out of there.
I used to fill a mason jar with water (from the water filling the washer) and put my scoop in the mason jar and shake it up before adding it to the load. But i no longer do that...i discovered it just wasn't necessary.

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