Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friends Blogs!!!

Okay, I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I'm making an exception today!

I want to "send" you over to two of my friends blogs!

The first one, is my best friend Kathryn.  She's new to blogging and has a hilarious/all-to-familiar/real-life post today that's a must read!  So head on over there and be sure to "follow" her for more insightful posts!  She is an amazing woman!!!

(My) Brahm and (Kathryn's) Eli~
They are exactly one month apart in age!

(My) Trusten and (Kathyn's) Grace~
I tease that maybe someday she'll be "Grace Wheeler" too!

Me and (Kathryn's) Sarah~
She's 6 months older than my Liberty!  Isn't she cute?

Kathryn's husband, Victor~
Throwing knives in our backyard, a favorite past-time of the husbands!

Jill (left~holding my Liberty) and Kathryn (right~holding her Sarah)~
I'm pretty sure they don't want their picture taken :)

And also, my sweet friend Gwen (we met in blog-world), has a terrific giveaway that I'm REALLY excited about!  Plus, it's just overall a great post about reading Missionary Biographies to our kiddos!

You'll be SO blessed by her blog!  I know I have been!  She's not only inspiring, she's just a great woman to follow!!!

Be sure, if you head over to either blog, please comment and tell them I sent you (that'll get me another entry in Gwen's giveaway and it will just bless Kathryn!)

Have fun visiting some new friends!!!


Kathryn said...

GRACE! This might be your best post yet! LOL! Maybe it was just the hot guy throwing the knife that did it for me... and I love the pics of our kids together. Love ya my friend!

Diana said...

Yep, I see you represented in every picture here! You have such a smile that is indescribable, you know that? So big, so very happy, and like you are happy to see the person. I feel very comfortable when I visit you here, Grace. :D

Thank you for sharing yourself with us... and thank you for the blog links! Have an awesome weekend!

Jenilee said...

love your pics in this post! :)

JillAileenJones said...

Hello friend! I finally finished your prize you won-sorry it has taken me so long-I posted about it on my blog and there is a picture. I hope to mail it tomorrow.
Hope all is well with you and your family.l

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