Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Jelly and Honey Sandwich

I honestly thought this would end in an "I told you so".

I thought I'd give him his way and then follow up with a lesson on how "mommy knows best".

But it didn't go that way...

Trusten wanted to make himself a jelly and honey sandwich for lunch.

Natural honey and sugar-free jelly on whole wheat bread.  Hmmm...

I told him I didn't think that was a good combo and I made some other suggestions.

He persisted, telling me it sounded "soooo good", so I decided to choose my battles and let this one go...and craftily make a lesson out of it, once it was all said and done.

So I reminded him he had to eat whatever he fixed...that we would not be wasteful.

He said, "I will mom.  This is the most beautiful of ideas I've ever had."

Then he got to work...

 I was thinking "You're not gonna like this!" as he kept pouring on the honey...

At last, he finished his masterpiece and confidently asked me if I wanted one too.

I said, "Uh, no!" and I must have made a face because he said he wanted to take a picture of my "gross-out" face which he said was "hilarious".
In the end, he loved his creation and asked for another one.

But we settled on applesauce instead. 

And I'm the one who learned the lesson today--sometimes my 5 year old really DOES know what he'll likes better than I do!

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