Saturday, April 3, 2010

MckLinky Monday--Tell me about your Easter!!!

This week has been FUN!!  Besides the giveaway, I have loved getting to know so many of you and seeing your blogs!!

Plus, it's EASTER, which has made the week even better!  This is, by far, my favorite "holiday" we celebrate.  I have always loved Easter, but I'll admit, I love it even more now that I have kids.

My kids make Easter come alive for me
.  They help me to strip away everything that I have become calloused to and expose the raw Truth.

Thursday night during family worship, my husband was sharing with my boys about the events that had happened the 3rd day before Easter.

I was in tears watching my 3 year old son realize, for the first time I think, what Jesus went through and that it was for HIM.

Brahm's eyes were wide and his hands covered his mouth as my husband shared the details.  He was
disturbed.  He was shocked.  He was genuinely sad.

How come that's not my response anymore?  Most often, I am moved, but not like he was.  You could almost see it changing him.  Oh, to be like a child!

My 5 year old (pretty familiar with the story by now) followed up my husbands talk with a ongoing list of all the bad things he would have done to the Roman soldiers if he had been there...

"I would have punched 'em in the stomach, then kicked 'em and knocked 'em down.  Then when they were on the ground I would have stepped on their heads and pulled their hair out.  Then I'd poke their eyes..."
(it went on to get a little more does he think up this stuff?)

But he was honestly
offended for Jesus.

My husband let Trusten continue for a little bit describing all the ways he would hurt those "shoulders" (until we decided it needed to stop so that my younger two didn't have nightmares!) and my husband simply said,

"You know what Trusten?  Jesus would not have wanted us to do that...and he doesn't want us to think those things even now.  Because you know what Jesus said as he was dying?..."

"Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing"
(Luke 23:34)

After a little more explanation, Trusten replied a very bummed-out and thoughtful

So I'm
reminded this Easter, from my kids, how grotesque and shocking the death of My Savior really was.  I can't just hear it and think "yeah, I know that" but I need to let myself think on it and picture it...that changes a person.

I'm also 
reminded that more than just the forgiveness of my sins happened on the did the forgiveness of the ones that I don't think deserved it.

And these reminders make me all the more excited about the best part...when the real party began...
EASTER MORNING!  He's alive!!!  Hey Death, where's your victory?  Hey Death, where's your sting?

**So now I'm wondering, what the Lord has taught you or reminded you of this Easter?

I'm going to MckLinky this post so you can
post about what you learned this Easter, then come back here this week to link us to it!

*If you've never used MckLinky, just write a post about the subject above (or find one you've written in the past) then come back here and click on the link below (it says, "You are next!").  

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Where it says "Link URL", copy and paste the link to your exact post, not just your blog?  Got it?  Got it!

Now link up, sisters!

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Cheri Bunch said...

Love your sweet story, Grace! You have a beautiful family. One thing I really miss about my "little" ones not being under my feet all the time, are the amazing things that they do and say. I learned so much from them. I kept books for each one of them in which I had recorded those precious things. I just gave them to them this last Christmas. It was very hard to part with them. They were treasures.
I wrote about what the Lord revealed to me this Easter on my blog, Threadbare. Peek over there.

Love you, sweetie!

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