Monday, April 19, 2010

Samuel's After Dinner "Snack"

I've blogged before about our dinner-time woes...teaching our kids "it doesn't always have to taste good". And I've blogged about how I get my "vegetarians by chioce" to eat meat.

Well, I found out the other day that one key to a happy dinner time and a key to getting Samuel to eat his meat is the all-powerful ENCHILADA!!!

Here's the proof...I walked in on Samuel doing this the other day...And yes, I really did CHERISH this moment. I could have gotten upset, I could have complained about the mess, but instead, I grabbed the camera and cherished my sweet Samuel enjoying his momma's cooking!


My kids may not have gotten alot of my Hispanic genes in their blood, but at least we know Samuel has the Hispanic taste buds :)

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Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is awesome. Your Samuel is precious. I love how you CHOSE to cherish the moment. It really is a choice, isn't it? Thank you so much for linking up with Momentous Monday!

Redeemed1 said...

Oh too cute!

croleyc69 said...

Sooo cute and precious.
Have a great day !!

Linda said...

Don't ya just LOVE kiddos! This was so cute.

You certainly have your hands full with 4 little ones. I am glad you choose to treasure the momentous moments! (:>)

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kyle and Mandy said...

What a cutie!!!! That was quite the taste! :) It is definitely worth choosing to cherish the moments instead of getting upset!

Jenilee said...

fun moments with young kids! :) cute!

Grace said...

ADORABLE!!!! All my girls wanted to watch "that cute little boy" over and over.

*Mirage* said...

How cute! Lol! :) Thank you for linking up with this adorable post!

Alice said...

OH! I only just found this! How funny!!! Samuel is so cute - I love his answers to your questions, and I also love Brahm's reaction when he comes in and sees the mess! ;) Good for you cherishing the moment! I know how easy it is to take the other route!

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