Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering...Telling My Mom, "It's A GIRL"!

My mom gave birth to three girls. So even though we had no guarantee that we'd give her tons of granddaughters, it was just what we assumed would happen...

But, it didn't.

For this Wednesdays Walk Down Memory Lane, I want to share this video of my mom's reaction when we told her, "It's a GIRL!"

The last two weeks I've shared the birth stories of my two first born sons. And even though I haven't shared Samuel's birth story yet (and I WILL!), I wanted to share this memory since Liberty's 1st birthday is just around the corner (JULY 4th!!!)

Before you watch the video though, here's some background on our family at the time this video was taken...
  • My mom gave birth to 3 girls
  • Between us 3 girls, there were a total of 10 grandchildren.
  • At this time, only 1 was a girl.
  • That means 9 boys...(notice all the boys in the room while this is videoed!)
  • My sister Marjie (who has 3 boys) is taking the video.
  • We love boys, but girls are special, and obviously hard to come by around here!

So here is my mom's reaction...PRICELESS!

Did you notice her little leg kick? She used to be a NFL cheerleader...can ya tell?! (And no, that isn't a joke, she really did used to be an NFL cheerleader!!! Rah! Rah! Go Kansas City CHIEFS!)

Also linked to Mom and Me Monday at Julie's Blog


{:miss v:} said...

That is very sweet! It's funny how there are so many boys over there because it seems that there is nothing but girls over here...that is except for my little man. He's the only boy in the nursery on Sundays! haha!

cooperkelly4 said...

Hah! I have 3 boys and 1 girl. At our church, we have 16 kids and only 3 of them are girls! We love them all, but girls are definitely special. =0) Mine just turned 7 on May 27th. =0)

Julie said...

Ah, that made me smile. Girls are a little piece of heaven!!

JillAileenJones said...

This was soooo cute! Made me smile-I really need that after today. I am blessed to have two girls and they are fun-easy to spoil! Hope you have a great night.

croleyc69 said...

That's really cool. I have 3 wonderful little girls and 1 Boy. Girls are a lot of fun.


Christina said...
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Christina said...

I understand, there are only 3 girls out of 7 boys in our family. Loved your mom's reaction. Your blog is it! Thanks for hosting Jenilee's blog! Christina over at getjoy.

Brandi said...

How cute is she?!!! Love the leg kick! I also have 3 boys and recently found out my 4th is a girl! My mom is pretty excited as well. ;)

melanie:::adorkable said...

I am totally LOVING this moment! Everything about it is just perfect!

And seriously? an NFL cheerleader?! GO MOM!

Kristin said...

That was a great idea to have the video camera out for that one! What a great memory to have.

TIFFANY said...

That was great! My oldest three are girls. By the time I had my ultrasound with my fourth, I just assumed it was a girl as well. It took some time to sink in when they said "it's a boy." Ha!
Thanks for sharing your memory.

Diana said...

No way! July 4th, really?!?! My oldest son was born July 4th (in 1979)! And he is #1 Chiefs fan, LOL!!

LOVE the video, that is so cute... and her kick! Go mom, LOL! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us!

P. S. Can't get McLinky to work on Jenilee's blog... arg!! So can't add mine... but I put it in her comments... it's

Hishandmaid said...

I don't know why, but this made me cry!

Thanks for sharing!


Alice said...

Oh I love this SO much!! :) I followed the links under this post to your birth stories for Trusten and Brahm (which I hadn't seen before), and LOVED reading them! I can't wait till you post Samuel's and Liberty's! I am trying to write Benjamin's at the moment, wanting to have that fully "written up" for prosperity before giving birth again. I just LOVE reading birth stories! :)

Fully expecting this baby to be our 5th boy (though seeing your video does give me pause for a moment!), we already know his name will be Samuel. I don't think I have even told anyone that yet! Such a precious name, and I love the meaning so much.

I love the stories of how your boys got their names!

Jessica Hanson said...

I always thought it would be awesome to have a baby with a 4th of july birthday (it's my favorite non-religious holiday.) She's going to grow up thinking those fireworks are just for her!

Hope you're having a great day!


gianna said...

So cute! I LOVE your kids' names. They ROCK! They are classic but totally unique (well Samuel is a bit more common, BUT it's Biblical and you can never go wrong with Biblical!

Kasey said...

I remember that little clip from when you shared it on MOMYS. I had three boys before I had my two little girls also and I remember clearly the thrill of learning I'd finally have a daughter! So precious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was soooooo sweet! Grandmother reactions are THE BEST!!

Kimberly said...

That was really sweet share, and your mom was a cheerleader. Too cute! It is a girlie extravaganza at your house.

Anonymous said...

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Kari said...

That was cool! I wish I would have video taped telling my family both times. Squeels, jumps, screams. I loved it. How special. Love the kick! How funny!

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